Our current Racine Writer-In-Residence is Joseph Engel! He will hold the position through June 30, 2023.

Joseph Engel Photo #1

The Racine Writer-In-Residence (WIR) project is an initiative founded by ArtRoot, a collaboration of artists and arts advocates who are determined to reinvigorate Racine, WI through the arts. This project is supported by the Racine Literacy Council, and funded through a generous grant from the Osborne & Scekic Family Foundation.

This project seeks to spotlight Racine and Kenosha’s dynamic literary community while encouraging, supporting, and advocating on behalf of writers at all stages of their careers.

A weekly blog post is one of the obligations of the WIR. You can visit the pages below to see all previous posts by the former WIRs.

Past WIRs
#1) Peg Rousar-Thompson
#2) Elkid Alvarez Maldonado
#3) Emily Vakos
#4) Julie Nondorf
#5) Patti Fitchett
#6) Ron Larson
#7) Lindsay Knapp
#8) Jenny Maurer
#9) Kelsey Marie Harris
#10 John Bloner, Jr.
#11 Jessie Lynn McMains
#12 Jeanne Arnold
#13 Mark M.