8) Jenny Mauer

Jenny Mauer served as ArtRoot Racine Writer-In-Residence from January-June 2020.

She moved to Racine, WI in 1990 and has come to appreciate the many creative outlets that the community offers. She began planning for a writing career while in middle school. In high school, she won a creative writing contest in her sophomore year and served on her school’s literary magazine board for two years. She earned her B.A. in English in 2012. Several years later, she published her first zine, Watchout. During her tenure as Writer-In-Residence, Jenny interviewed zine makers and offered her insights on a variety of other topics.

Read Jenny’s Blog Posts


The Art of the Branch: Kristina Campbell

A Brief Meditation on Super Metroid

The Rochambo Coffee Shop and other things explored over the weekend

Zines of Racine: An Introduction

Krazines’ Art Jam

A View from The Branch at 1601

Frank’s Diner: Crowded, Sassy, But Well Worth the Wait

My Beloved Gameboy Color

Shock and Awe Simon Reynolds

Sarah Kirsch: Guitar Hero of Bay Area Punk Scenes

Descendants’ I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Drive Like Jehu: Influential Emo in San Diego

A Brief Lament on Mango Kulfi Ice Cream

Reflections on Matcha Tea Latte

Zines of Racine: Dan Nielsen

Books I’ve Been Reading During the Pandemic: Part 1

Books I’ve Been Reading During the Pandemic: Part 2

Zines of Racine: Esteban Colon

Using Zoom in the Age of Coronavirus

Animal Crossing during the Pandemic

Walking Outside is the Best Thing To Do During the Pandemic

Zines of Racine: Jessie Lynn McMains

Zines of Racine: Peg Rousar-Thompson

Zines of Racine: Valerie Valentine

Our Friend the Rabbit

Retail Noir: A Mixed Bag at Best

Zines of Racine: Mark M Giese

Zines and Noir: What I’ve Been Up To This Week

Zines of Racine: A Fourth Month Assessment

Life During Quarantine: Milwaukee Pride At Home This Year

The Beach and Other Leisures during Quarantine

Farewell for Now and Thank You

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