10) John Bloner, Jr.

John Bloner, Jr. served as the 10th Racine Writer-In-Residence from January through June, 2021. John is a native of Kenosha, but considers himself a citizen of Kenosha/Racine, which his friend, Karel Suchy, refers to as Keracine (pronounced Kerosene). In this hybrid community, he strives to create environments in which people can develop a creative lifestyle while engaging with and learning from one another. He has built opportunities in the arts through organizational start-ups, public events, and publications, including Moss Piglet, a monthly zine which features the work of visual artists, photographers, and writers of prose and poetry. He’s also the Executive Director of Kenosha Community Media, Inc.

Articles by John Bloner, Jr., January-June, 2021

What I Wanted to Say

Mattias & I: A True Story

Forget Paris on the Seine. I’ll Take the Louvre on Lake Michigan

A Lament, and Visions of Hope, for Wronged Souls

Seeking the Next Writer-In-Residence

Going to the Movies

Drawing Tom Waits

Who is this Masked Man?

Stay Obsessed

Get Obsessed

It’s like a Cross between Sex and Christmas

All I Want is a Room Somewhere

The Problem with Shakespeare

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: The Muses of Mirth

My Kind of Town: Kenosha

Superheroes with Pens

Mixing It Up – Part Two

Mixing It Up

Stop Fretting and Start Drawing

I Contain Multitudes

Let’s Build This City

Simply Ducky

Keep the Fire Burning Bright

My Herding Instinct

Taking the Alphabet for a Walk

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