Seeking the Next Writer-In-Residence

by John Bloner, Jr.

Calling on emerging, mid-career, and established writers, age 18 and older, from Kenosha and Racine County. ArtRoot, a committee of artists and advocates, is accepting applications to receive a six-month residency as the next Racine Writer-In-Residence. You can download the application HERE. The person who receives this honor will serve from July 1-December 31, 2021 and collect a $1,200 stipend (75% upfront and 25% upon completion of expectations and an evaluation form.)

Deadline for applications is June 15, 2021.

As the current Racine Writer-In-Residence, I’ve published weekly articles here about my art and writing pursuits. I’ve also strived to cultivate creativity in my fellow writers and artists – both in southeastern Wisconsin and worldwide – by inviting them to submit their art, photos, prose and poetry for publication in Moss Piglet, a full-color and professionally-printed zine to which I serve as its editor and publisher. Last year, over 80 people produced content for Moss Piglet. 2021 is tracking to surpass this amount of participation, as new voices arrive each month.

Check out past issues online at the Krazines website. Also visit our Facebook page and join our Facebook group.

I’ve also engaged these creatives in a world-building project, developing the fictional town of Ferkelburg (translation: Castle Piglet), whose population, architecture, and history is constructed through the stories, poems, drawings, paintings and photos of project participants.

Two fast facts about Ferkelburg:

(1) 78% of its residents talk too much. 16% are moderate in their speech, while 6% don’t say anything at all.

(2) Its census takers are easily distracted. The town’s population is either 300 people or 3 million.

From Greetings from Ferkelburg, January 2021

In January of this year, Krazines published a 56-page guide to the town and later this year, previous and new contributors will provide content to a second volume, along with additional art and writing online.

Greetings from Ferkelburg, the initial publication to this world-building project by the Krazines. Click on photo to view contents.

While tomfoolerly is abundant in this world-building adventure, the project’s purpose moves deeper. Like other activities and publications by the Krazines, the Ferkelburg concept is in place to help people to discover, or in some cases, rediscover their creative selves. Our country’s economy is built on consumerism, and while it’s fun to buy stuff beyond the necessities, a life isn’t fully lived unless you’re immersed in creative play. You don’t need to be great at it. You don’t need to show it to anyone. You just need to do it. Krazines exists to encourage and support everyone by welcoming them into a community of creatives who are eager to share knowledge and celebrate their work.

The world will probably get by without the product of your efforts. But that is not the point. The point is what the inner process of following your creative impulses will do to you.

Ian Roberts, from Creative Authenticity

The next Racine Writer-In-Residence will develop their own community-based creative project, as well as contribute their passions, ideas, and insights on a regular basis to this blog. Past honorees have designed writing workshops and discussion groups, encouraged others to engage in the art of storytelling through writing prompts, and conducted interviews with nonprofit and business representatives.

I look forward to passing the baton onto the next Racine Writer-In-Residence and cheering them on.

Apply soon to be considered for this opportunity. Due date is June 15th. If you have trouble accessing or using the PDF application form, please contact the program’s coordinator, Nick Ramsey, at (262) 598-4803.

The ArtRoot Racine Writer-In-Residence program is supported by the Racine Literacy Council and funded through a grant from the Osborne & Scekic Family Foundation. The program’s mission to to spotlight Racine and Kenosha County’s literary community while encouraging, supporting, and advocating on behalf of writers at all stages of their careers.

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