What I Wanted to Say …

by John Bloner, Jr. This is my final article as Racine Writer-In-Residence as I will hand off its baton to the next honoree on July 1st. Thank you to ArtRoot, the Osborne & Scekic Family Foundation, Nick Ramsey, and the Racine Literacy Council for their support and encouragement. Over the past six months, the Krazines,…

Mattias and I: A True Story

When I came across Mattias’ work five or six years ago, I became captivated by his highly-populated cityscapes and his rooms stuffed with bric-a-brac and odd technology. This is the kind of art I want to make!, I told myself.

Forget Paris on the Seine. I’ll Take the Louvre on Lake Michigan

Would you rather have a brat or a baguette? A Kouign-amann or a Kringle? Paris with its Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo is 4,100 miles away from here, and who needs the Louvre Museum when you can experience fine art (and engage in much more) at the Louvre on Lake Michigan, better known as Spectrum School of the Arts and Gallery? Spectrum is located within the historic DeKoven Center campus in Racine, WI at 2050 Wisconsin Avenue and has served southeastern Wisconsin with culture, education, entertainment, and fellowship for over 40 years.

Seeking the Next Writer-In-Residence

Calling on all writers, age 18 and older, from Kenosha and Racine County. ArtRoot, a committee of artists and advocates, is accepting applications for a six-month tenure as Racine Writer-In-Residence. You can download application information and materials HERE. The person selected to receive this honor will serve from July 1-December 31, 2021 and receive a $1,200 stipend (75% upfront and 25% upon completion of expectations and an evaluation form.)

Mixing It Up – Part Two

In parochial grade school, circa 1967, Sister Margaret in her flowing black habit and veil, escorted my classmates and I every weekday to St. Mary Catholic Church in Kenosha to hear from Scripture and to sing hymns of our faith.

My Herding Instinct

I’m convinced I was a border collie in another life. While I lack some attributes of this breed – agility, high energy, and intelligence – I share a common instinct for herding. Dogs may do it for the purpose of providing protection; I do it when I dream up projects and need people to turn them into reality.

360 Degrees of Separation

by Kelsey Marie Harris Opinions are an infliction, or affliction, depending on how you look at it. More than wanting to be right, we have this pulsing urge to prove that everyone with an opposing idea is wrong. Insecurity plus validation equals overcompensation. The flawed equation of humanity. We could argue forming opinions has led…

Edible weeds, and other things realized while pandemiced

by Kelsey Marie Harris I’ve recently learned that some weeds are edible, medicinal even. Dandelion is beneficial from the flower to the root. Purslane grows in abundance, and has the most Omega 3 fatty acids of all leafy greens. Lambsquarters, a type of wild spinach, is an excellent source of B vitamins.      …

Abandoning Comfort, For Freedom’s Sake

by Kelsey Marie Harris Today I thought about endurance, and how it relates to mindfulness. I find myself practicing this in small ways. I’ll have an itch but I won’t scratch it. I make myself feel it. When it seems too much to bear I assure myself, it likely won’t itch 10 minutes from now….

Writer in residence during Covid19: An introduction

by Kelsey Marie Harris I’m literally a “writer in residence”. It’s certainly a challenge to write about or draw inspiration from the local art scene while distant from it, but I often find it challenging to be around people. So in a weird way, this works for me. Emily Dickinson managed to write almost 1800…