The Beach and other leisures during Quarantine

North Beach without the hammocks, lunch shack or volley ball net is a very depressing sight.  I think the beach is one of the best things about the city and it usually is a welcoming symbol of summer. However, the lack of accoutrements didn’t deter people from enjoying time by the water; there were many beach goers who were mostly social distancing save for a group of teenagers playing catch. The young people were frolicking quite close to our area which was rather worrying. . I confess to feeling out of sorts for various reasons which also spoiled my ability to enjoy the nice weather.

The Zoo fared a little better as masks and social distancing was required.  This was fitting as Saturdays seem to  the busiest time for the zoo during the Summer. As per usual, a majority of the animals were asleep or laying around in the sun.  However, we did get to witness two meerkats cuddling for a nap inside a log and a Canadian lynx leap up into a very thin tree.A lot of smaller children were particularly fascinated with the large cat exhibits, cooing at the large male lion taking a nap in the corner of the exhibit  It was very heartening to observe how families were able to enjoy themselves  with restrictions.

Despite occasional awkwardness, it has been nice to see people making the best of their summer vacation as it seems like everything getting canceled has caused the season to move faster.  I just feel guilty for not being more active and sitting on my annual summer playlists that I so meticulously create. I’m right now sitting outside writing this entry while listening to Prince’s Purple Rain on a playlist entitled “Prince’s Summer Projects”.  It’s a beautiful day and I intend to take a walk soon. Today’s helped to bring my summer spirit back a little bit and I hope it sticks around for a long time

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