Zines of Racine 3: Esteban Colon

Esteban Colon is technically a citizen of Kenosha, but he’s been entertaining and enlightening Racine poetry nights for years with his laments on life, love and how Dr. Suess might interpret Poe’s classic, Tell Tale Heart.  I purchased his 2010 work, Between Blue Lines back in November at The Racine Krayzine Fest.The layout invokes the confessional diary of a teenager in the mid 90s; the poetry sections are divided by subject; writing, love, puzzles, definitions, and observations. The whole book is an intriguing journey, but the interesting section is Definitions, a melancholy update on Amberose Pierce’s classic Devil’s Dictionary. A particular  notable entry is the Werner Herzog esque definiton of Fear: ” the natural biproduct that is produced whenever man is reminded he’s not god.”

Colon’s latest compilation of poetry,  Whispered ‘Soliloqueys’ was released in 2019 from the Racine based Black Eyed Press. I sent out an email to ask him about his experience as a newbie in the self publishing/zine community and he kindly responded.

1) How would you define  a zine?
An independent publication. 
2) What inspired you to become  a part of the zine and self publishing community
The ridiculousness of the professional publishing community. Most publishers of poetry are more interested in earning money off submissions than sales.
3) Describe the process of making your  zine poetry books
Right now, it’s just printer press. I spoke with an artist who puts together his books by hand and I’m looking forward to following in his footsteps.
4) What does the zine community mean to you?
I’ve always been amazed by the works of the Zine community. I’d love to be a part of it someday, when I’ve put in the work.
5) How has the zine community changed and where do you see  it heading?
No clue. I’m new here.
6) What do you hope to accomplish in the coming year and what would you like to see from your community?
This year. I’d like to put something interesting out. We’ll see.

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