A brief lament on the mango Kulfi ice cream from the Kabab and Grill:

by Jenny Maurer

Kulfi has long been a popular treat in India and the Middle East. A creamier version of ice cream,  Kulfi is slow cooked and stirred rather than whipped.  This process makes the  treat more flavorful and sweeter.  Today,  I tried a mango flavored Kulfi and it was very promising. Upon unwrapping the treat,  it had the same color as a small carrot and even seemed to have a similar texture. I was a little worried that the Kulfi would be frozen to the point of becoming flavorless as I had previously experienced with other freezer ice cream treats. My feelings were assuaged, however, as I found it pleasantly soft and smooth. Kuli melts in the mouth quickly, allowing the flavors to come through. This was especially rewarding with the mango flavored treat.

I’ve come to prefer ice cream adjacent  deserts to regular ice cream over the years whether it’s Italian gelato or Japanese Mochi.  I believe  these confectioneries offer a larger variety of experiences in terms of presentation and taste compared to regular ice cream. I am now proud to add Kuli to this group of sweets.


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