A view from the Branch

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and while I feel better today, my health taking a hit means, my creative ambitions are slight today. I  thought I would interview the owner of one of my favorite restaurants, kebab and grill but I saw he was very busy. So instead, I will talk about what is happening at The Branch today.

The owner, Kristina, is  setting up displays of food to advertise The Branch’s catering business. Although the food is a few days old and was put in the fridge for preservation,  it still looks appetizing and even made one patron hungry.  This patron’s name was  Ed Miller, a volunteer of the Racine Revitalization Partnership.  The partnership  helps to build housing for lower income people. He just got handed a  Racine Humanitarian Award. I told him I work for The Shepherd Express and he related a quick story about  being neighbors with the original Shepherd Express editor.  The editor apparently had a  numerous amount of pet rabbits who were very messy. I told Miller that I’d be interested in interviewing him for the Off the Cuff column in the future and he seemed open to that.

One of the regular patrons is Ben, a computer coder who is creating a system for people that have pronunciation difficulties.  He is currently  working on touching up the code’s details and ensuring that any mistake is able to be corrected, creating a kind of ” automatic spelling and grammar correction” system for the code. He’s also a faculty member at Carthage and started back at work yesterday.

I know this isn’t as exciting an entry as the pieces from the last two weeks, but I hope this has offered some insight into what the Branch is like on a daily basis:  humble,  friendly, and always full of activity.

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