So many folks say that our interest in our phones to the exclusion of human interaction, and our time-consuming ego-driven social media frenzy along with the isolation that comes from feeling that while we are surrounded by information, we are bereft of genuine communication.

And to those folks I say, “Cut back on your caffeine intake dude!”

As an introvert (defined as one who gathers strength from being alone), I am overjoyed that my online presence is much more social than I am. On social media, I am able to interact pleasantly with people who I really like, but if seated near at a dinner party might struggle to make conversation. I revel in the things I am able to understand about my friends because of the things they post; things that might not warrant a phone call, but fill me in on the parts of their lives that make them unique for me.

Being at the end of the Baby Boomer generation, I am often “Luddite-ish” when it comes to new technology. I have mastered Facebook, but struggle with Twitter and Instagram. I have finally started a blog (This one!), but don’t know how to get people to read it! (How do you keep track of blog spots you like? How do you know when a new one comes out? How upset will I be when I find out that no one is reading?!)

Much to learn as Writer-In-Residence. So very grateful for the people who consider writing an art form. Now I just have to learn to express myself in 140 characters or less, I guess. Help an old gal out here…..

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