Think Well – The Writer’s Market

So, you’re ready to get your writing out there! But, out where? That’s where The Writer’s Market (TWM) comes in handy. I first discovered The Writer’s Market while taking a free online course on freelance writing and once I purchased my own copy, I was hooked.

The Writer’s Market is a massive tool that is published every year by the same team who brings you The Writer’s Digest magazine. Although the original is tailored to help writers who are looking to break into freelance, they do publish specialized editions designed for children’s writers, poets, song writers, novelists, and a guide to finding literary agents. TWM categorizes and organizes lists of publications that are looking for writers. Each entry contains a description of the publication, the kind of freelance they accept, the percentage of freelance they publish, how much they pay per segment, and how they accept submissions and query letters. Speaking of which, TWM also tells you what a query letter is and how to write a good one.

The book also contains articles written by professional freelances on how to become a better writer in your field. They discuss blogging, income and book deals, PR and publicity, and tons more. TWM also highlights a handful of contests and competitions that come with cash prizes, but it seems that their focus is aimed at building a consistent form of income as a writer. Either way, it does include a little something in there for everyone.

The Writer’s Market is an effective tool for anyone who is ready to start selling their work or who has ever been interested in being published in a journal or magazine. There are a multitude of ways one can become a professional writer; this tool explores a lot of them. Grab a copy to call your own or check it out at your local public library.

Prompt: “A man is surprised to find himself feeling both pleased and liberated by the news that he will soon die.”

This week’s prompt: brought to you by Writer’s Digest – Your Story competition. 

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