I’m a Writer, Not an Orator

Despite my desire to remain hidden behind the sofa, I do occasionally teach classes.  Usually it’s when I can’t find a way to avoid doing so.  I’m a terrible public speaker.

I am, however, a decent organizer for the information that floats around inside my head.  I’m a good researcher (to fill in the stuff I don’t actually know) and I love handouts and 3-ring binders, just ask my writing groups.

Now that you’ve lowered your expectations as far as my teaching abilities, I’m going to be presenting a class here at the Racine Arts Council on Memoir and Personal Stories in May.  We’ll look at the difference between memoir and autobiography and the importance of writing your story.  This is open to writers of all skill levels and even non-writers with an interest in leaving a legacy for future generations.

And while I’m no authority, I’ve struggled with telling my own story for several years now.  I can share what I’ve learned.  I promise there’ll be handouts and writing prompts!  Maybe even chocolate.

This is my last blog post as Writer in Residence at the Racine Arts Council and I do want to thank them for this extraordinary opportunity.  Recognizing the written word as an artform is exciting for both me and our community.

It’s been an honor!


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