Writing Behind the Sofa

For writers, words are our voice in the world.  Many of us are severely lacking in orating skills, basic conversation skills, self-promoting skills, and even some social graces.  Let’s face it, we’re introverts and we’re introspective.  Words are how we interact with the world.  I just want to hide behind the sofa and write.

Instead, I find myself the spokesperson locally for creative writing.  Writing groups, classes offered, books being published – all this fascinating information gets tucked behind the couch with me.  Not sure how this all happened, but it might have something to do with being passionate about words as a form of communication.  Maybe it has to do with important things getting stashed behind the couch, like loose change and cat toys.  And writers.

I do practice what I preach.  When I holler things like “Writers write!” it’s because I do write every day.  Of course, some days I’m unmotivated and words are painful and the writing is crap.  That’s all part of life behind the sofa.  That’s the part no one sees.

So, how do we combat something that is so against our nature?  How do we put our writing out into the world from the secure space behind the sofa?  For starters, I’d like to invite you to the Racine Arts Council on Wednesday afternoons to write.  I’ll find you a table, Wifi and even turn up the heat.  There might be some coffee here someplace.  I’ll have information on local writing opportunities and programs, it’s quiet here and there’s art.

If it’s too cold and Wisconsin-wintery, check back here each Wednesday afternoon.  I’ll post something writing-related (poetry, novels, scripts, memoir) so you can join us from your own cozy behind-the-sofa.


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