A Lament, and Visions of Hope, for Wronged Souls

The title of this week’s article, A Lament, and Visions of Hope, for Wronged Souls, comes from a New York Times headline from March 2020. The accompanying story was a review of an Off Off Broadway musical; however, from a distance of 15 months, the headline feels prescient, not only because of the pandemic, but for many other events that continue to affect humankind on a global and personal level.

Get Obsessed

“You’ve got to get obsessed and stay obsessed,” says Iowa Bob in the novel, Hotel New Hampshire, by John Irving. Some lines stay with you. I read Irving’s novel forty years ago and still think of this phrase nearly every day. Obsessions – read: passionate interests – are the fuel of life.

Taking the Alphabet for a Walk

What did you want to be when you grew up? Except for a brief period as a young teen when I wanted to race stock cars (despite hating to work with my Dad on the family auto), I loved to write stories and draw pictures.

360 Degrees of Separation

by Kelsey Marie Harris Opinions are an infliction, or affliction, depending on how you look at it. More than wanting to be right, we have this pulsing urge to prove that everyone with an opposing idea is wrong. Insecurity plus validation equals overcompensation. The flawed equation of humanity. We could argue forming opinions has led…

Edible weeds, and other things realized while pandemiced

by Kelsey Marie Harris I’ve recently learned that some weeds are edible, medicinal even. Dandelion is beneficial from the flower to the root. Purslane grows in abundance, and has the most Omega 3 fatty acids of all leafy greens. Lambsquarters, a type of wild spinach, is an excellent source of B vitamins.      …