The Racine Writer-In-Residence program is an opportunity for local writers to share their talent with their community as well as work on their own writing. Follow and keep up with each of our writers and their blogs and check out the archives of what they have contributed during their respective time.

Peg taken by CeliaJanuary – April 2017
Peg Rou

ElkidMay – August 2017
Elkid Alvarez Maldonado

Emily2September -December 2017
Emily Vakos

123_1(3)January – June 2018
Julie Nondorf

Patti PictureJuly – December 2018
Patti Fitchett

Ron Larson
April – June 2019
Ronald Paul Larson

Lindsay KnappJuly – December 2019
Lindsay Knapp

Jenny Maurer Photo #1January – June 2020
Jenny Maurer